About RoW

Uttar Pradesh is among the first few states to establish core IT Infrastructure to facilitate the e-enablement of life and work. In order to strengthen this core Information and Communication Infrastructure, the State intends to further facilitate effective transformation of the Socio-Economic Scenario through accelerated equitable and inclusive economic growth by encouraging provision of quality infrastructure for connectivity and telecommunication services across the state, especially in the rural and remote areas of the State in a uniform and time bound manner.

With the view of above, Government of Uttar Pradesh has started a project “Right of Way Rules (UPROW-17)” which has been formulated to ensure that State Government plays its role effectively by transforming the Socio-Economic scenario through accelerated equitable and inclusive economic growth by laying special emphasis on providing affordable and quality telecommunication services in rural and remote areas of state. It also enables the State Government to benefit the citizens with seamless connectivity over the entire Uttar Pradesh and to formulate a Uniform Policy in the State along with providing Single Window Clearance for the establishment of Overground and Underground Telegraph Infrastructure.